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Communication is something that we all depend on daily. You communicate with your family, your co-workers, friends, and perhaps even clients, depending on the career you have chosen for yourself. Studies have shown that socializing and communication have many benefits for the average person.

In one study, researchers also found that frequent communication and socialization have many benefits for the physical and mental well-being among adults with physical disabilities. In another study, researchers explain that social relationships and communication in general also have benefits for mortality risk, as well as health behavior, among the general population. Unfortunately, there is a lack of effective communication between many parents and their children.

Such communication is important since this is essentially the first interactions that a child will have in life – with their parents. In this post, we take a look at some of the important reasons why you should take a moment to listen to your children, and why you should also ensure you have effective communication with each of your children.

Failure To Communicate With Your Children Creates The Wrong Image

First of all, as a parent, you need to understand the impression and image that you set when you fail to communicate effectively with your child. If you fail to make sure that your child can talk to you openly – perhaps about subjects that they are interested in, things that they are concerned about, and other topics, then you create the image that you are not a helpful person in their life. According to one publication, this often causes a child to also see the parent as being unhelpful. As a parent, you want to ensure your child knows that you are there for them at all times – which means creating an image of being an unhelpful person in their life is really the opposite of your goal when it comes to effective parenting. Furthermore, the same report also explains that ineffective communication with a child, especially in cases where the parent has a negative response to the child’s request to talk to them, would also create an image of the particular parent being an untrustworthy individual in the child’s life. This further demotivates the child to speak about important topics.

Benefits Of Communicating With Your Children

Both children and parents are able to benefit from effective communication between the two. It is important that you understand these particular benefits – this way, you can know why it is really so important for you to ensure that you are able to communicate with your children effectively. First of all, when your child knows that they are able to communicate with you openly, then it will also give you an opportunity to understand your child better. If you truly want to care for them according to their unique needs, then you will need to understand them. Thus, even when your life is busy, be sure to make some time for your children. Communicate with them and ensure that they are aware of the fact that you are there – even when life seems busy, and you run a 25-hour day schedule. Being able to communicate with you also enables your child to learn many abilities from an early age. This is their first interaction with another human – and they will soon start to communicate with other people as well. If the communication they have with you is positive, then it will greatly help them to be equipped with the skills that they will require as they start to build relationships with friends and other individuals. If you fail to communicate with your child at home, they may not be able to communicate with their friends at school effectively. Children are, however, expected to be polite to their peers when they enter school. They need to be able to communicate with their teachers as well as effectively. Yet another crucial reason why talking to your child is so important, especially at a young age, is because this communication will also help you better understand the development of your child. You will be able to understand how they are developing – if they have any language barriers that might keep them from learning at school, if they are able to understand work that they are doing at school, and more. The progression of your child at an early age is important and will ultimately have an impact on them later in their life. Furthermore, do not forget that the verbal competency of your child really comes from you. Your child listens to how you are speaking to them, and this helps them adopt their own way of communicating. Thus, you will need to be a role model in terms of communication as well. Understand that what you are saying to your child and the way that you are speaking to them will ultimately have an effect on how they will speak to others, and how they will communicate with the world. 


Children learn a lot of things from their parents, including how to effectively communicate with the world. This is why it is so important for parents to ensure their children know that they are respected and when they speak, the parents are willing to listen to them. Effective communication between parents and children have long-term benefits to be taken into account, and also leads to closer relationships between parent and child.

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