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PediaWell D-400

PediaWell D-400 |

PediaWell D-400 | Available in D-400

AMS® PediaWell D-400 provides the recommended daily dose of the active Vitamin D starting soon after birth. Given the high rate of development early in life, adequate serum concentrations of Vitamin D are crucial for the developing child. Vitamin D supplementation helps support healthy Calcium levels and bones structure, in addition to its role in boosting the immune system defenses.  

Product Benefits

For Strong Bones and Teeth

Free of Paraben, Aspartame and Alcohol

Premium Vitamin D3


Suggested Usage:

Using the enclosed dropper, dispense 1 ml once daily or as directed by your child’s pediatrician. The dose can be dispensed directly into the mouth or mixed with milk formula, juice, cereals or food.

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