About AMS

Our Mission

We take pride in extending our hand to individuals of all ages with a health concern that we can address through quality, safe, organic nutritional supplements that compliment a wide variety of lifestyles and diets.  Together we can build a brighter, healthier future, and work towards a better quality of life.  

Our Vision

AMS aims to become the global trusted leader in the field of nutraceuticals. We are always seeking to transform the future into a healthier, more wholesome one. Through innovation, diligent research and resolute commitment to our consumers, we hope to bring the bounty of nature into every home, and reintroduce it as a daily practice in our busy, fast-paced lives.

Who We Are

America Medic & Science AMS is an American nutraceutical company established in 2007 andheadquartered in Seattle, Washington. We manufacture and distribute high quality, organic natural products and dietary supplements for all individuals and age groups. The leadership of our management team, which has a combined 3 decades of experience in pharmaceuticals, has led us to become known pioneers in the industry. Also, our dedication to producing high quality products and providing cutting-edge innovation, has allowed us to rapidly expand our scope of business across all major continents and partner with the top global figures in the industry to deliver our innovative products to consumers.

What We Do

“Over the past decade, America Medic & Science AMS has expanded its range of products to include 100% natural Male & Female Fertility supplements, Weight Control, Cardiovascular health, Energy, Mental Focus & Health, Children’s Health and Essential Vitamins & Minerals. All products are GMP approved and manufactured in our state-of-the-art FDA Inspected and Registered Facilities. Formulated by doctors and scientists along with inspection from manufacturing specialists and quality experts for safety, we guarantee to deliver the highest quality products in our categories. Our Research & Development department is constantly working on sourcing new ingredients, innovating and formulating new products to keep adding value to customers’ lives.” For over a decade now, AMS has expanded its range of quality organic supplements to include a wide variety of 100% natural products. From fertility supplements to supplements intended to give children the nutrients they need, AMS caters to the needs of people of all genders, and ages. With products manufactured in state-of-the-art, FDA inspected and registered facilities, and formulated by some of the best doctors and researchers, we guarantee to deliver only the safest and best that nature has to offer.  Our Research and Development department is constantly hard at work, sourcing new ingredients, innovating and formulating new products to keep adding life and value to your life.

Our Community

Through our global expansion, we have been able to create an international community of individuals that are empowered to lead healthy lives and that attribute their brand loyalty to America Medic & Science AMS for its constant effort to improve their lives by providing premium quality products and making sure the best customer service anywhere they are in the world. We have a commitment to constantly build this community further, listen to its needs and be the best at helping everyone create brighter futures.