Month: April 2019

Why It Is So Important To Listen To Your Children

Communication is something that we all depend on daily. You communicate with your family, your co-workers, friends, and perhaps even clients, depending on the career you have chosen for yourself. Studies have shown that socializing and communication have many benefits for the average person. In one study, researchers also found that frequent communication and socialization
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5th Annual Meeting Of America Medic & Science

September 8th & 9th, 2018. Istanbul, Turkey On behalf of the AMS Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), we were proud to organize the Scientific Program of the 5th Annual Meeting of America Medic & Science. Before we started to put together the scientific program, we have had a long discussion with the AMS management about what
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How Does Obesity Reflect On Our Health?

The Effects that Obesity Has on Our Health Obesity is the number one leading cause of many life-threatening diseases and conditions. It is also being considered an epidemic in the United States, affecting around 90 million adult Americans and around 15 million American children. Obesity is defined as a health issue that characterizes itself with
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